Tithes and Offering

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Annual Reports

2020 Annual Report

Why Give

God isn’t after our money. He’s after our hearts. Tithing is a way to give back to God what already belongs to Him and recognize that everything we have comes from Him. It gives us the opportunity to focus our hearts and attention on eternity, check our greed, promote the Gospel, and alleviate human need. While we don’t believe tithing to be a condition for salvation, we do believe it’s an important biblical model.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 6:21

What is a tithe?

The significance of tithing is more than just giving 10%…it represents a priority – the “first 10%” and is an undesignated gift – in other words, not directed by the giver, but given without strings attached. At Foursquare, your tithes are used to support our church as a whole and establishes our budget which funds ministries such as Youth, Children, Missions, Men & Women’s Ministries, etc.

Additional thoughts tithing and a practical guide on how to begin.

Beyond My Tithe

Giving beyond your tithe is what the Bible calls “offerings”, which are directed to specific areas that God may lay on your heart – within and outside the church – but beyond regular church ministries. Foursquare has designated a few areas that can be supported in this way. (i.e. FMI, missionaries, Disaster Relief, etc)

What is the best way to give to Foursquare?

Ways to give (in order of efficiency):

  • Online using a checking account
  • Check
  • Cash
  • Online using a credit card*

*To make sure your intended tithe is not diminished by the processing fee, please consider adding the 2.3% fee to your gift or give using your checking account, which has a much lower processing cost.